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Knowledgeable Melbourne Attorney Helps People Establish Care for a Loved One

Compassionate Florida lawyer handles a wide range of guardianship and conservatorship matters

At The Law Firm of Cheryl A. Ward in Melbourne, our firm’s attorney represents clients throughout Florida in guardianship and conservatorship issues and advise on the legal structures that are most appropriate to meet each client’s needs. These issues are often complex and highly sensitive, and we will provide the support and guidance you need to make good decisions. Whether you want to enter into a voluntary guardianship, discuss how to obtain a guardianship for an impaired family member or recommend a guardian for your children in a will, our attorney can determine how the law impacts you case and offer options to obtain your desired outcome.

Responsive counselor provides attentive and thorough representation to Florida residents

We understand the legal and practical considerations of arranging a person’s affairs and setting up care for a minor or incapacitated adult. Our firm helps with the following matters:

  • Guardianship — Minors and incapacitated adults need someone to protect their wellbeing and interests. The guardianship process is designed to ensure these types of personal and financial matters are properly handled. Whether you are looking to obtain or appoint guardianship, we can help you.
  • Conservatorship — If you have a loved one who will never be able to live independently, it’s important to make plans that address their future care. Our attorney helps clients become conservators and also assists with resolving any conflicts that arise during the conservatorship.

Realizing a loved one cannot oversee their affairs can be overwhelming, but we take the time to explain the best legal options to resolve these concerns. Regardless of how complicated your circumstances may be, we will develop a workable solution for you and your family.

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At The Law Firm of Cheryl A. Ward, we represent Florida clients throughout Florida in guardianship and conservatorship matters, as well as other estate planning concerns. Call 321-372-8177 or contact the firm online to schedule a free consultation at our Melbourne office.

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